Collaborative Environments

Interacting with our peers not only makes our days more pleasant but also makes us better at our job.  Then,  how can you build more professional connections as a freelancer or Language Service Provider (LSP)? How do you reach out to people, particularly if you are an introvert or work remotely? During our visit to New York, we held different meetings with some clients and colleagues to discuss different issues, including QA processes and collaborative environments.

As Language Service Providers, we should definitely focus on developing an excellent relationship with our team.  During our discussions with our New York colleagues and clients, we agreed that a good and seamless interaction with our team members and the end-client is essential to help us ensure the best possible quality.

Effective communication, collaboration, and coordination are the main contributing factors to quality. Communication is defined as imparting or interchanging opinions, thoughts, or information by speech, writing, or signs. Collaboration is defined as working together to accomplish a task and discussing with each other to solve difficult problems. An effective collaborative environment includes both individually focused tasks and interactive teamwork.

We have come up with some tips to develop an effective collaborative environment:

  1. Build the team spirit. If the team gets on well, they will automatically work better.
  2. Keep regular and fluent communication with your team. In some cases, coming together face-to-face or through Skype provides the ideal situation for team members to go over what they have been working on and any other issues they are facing.
  3. Use appropriate forms of communication and be polite at all times. Work collaboration apps ensure great instant communication among all team members.
  4. Encourage two-way feedback. Once you have implemented a two-way communication, make sure that your timely feedback from employees shows you how the process is working in the organization.

Be creative and think out of the box!

Food for thought

How would you rate your relationship with your team members/colleagues/clients? If it is not fully satisfactory, what could you do to improve it? Would that have an impact on the quality of your job?

At The View Restaurant & Lounge with a New York colleague and friend.

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