Speakers at BP 2018 in Vienna

Imperial Vienna!


Since 2014, the annual BP Translation Conferences in Europe have grown to become the most popular CPD events for professional freelance translators and interpreters from all over the world.

The abbreviation ‘BP’ stands for ‘Business + Practice’, framing the overall theme of each event. The conference is held in a different capital city in Central Europe each year: BP15 took place in Zagreb, BP16 in Prague, BP17 returned to Budapest – and this year, Vienna has been the magnificent backdrop for BP18, which took place from April 19 to April 20.


Over the years, BP Translation Conferences have evolved into the unique conference format that it is famous for. On the first day, the format is a series of TED-like short talks, while the second day follows a more traditional format: longer sessions in 3 parallel tracks. Before and after the actual conference days there are usually some masterclasses and workshops. Conference speakers include well-known linguists on the international translation scene, making the event perhaps the most coveted one every year for a growing body of successful freelance translators. This year, at BP18 in Vienna, there were over 300 colleagues from some 40 countries.

Nowadays, more than ever, with the fast evolution of machines and technology tools, we really need to be GAME CHANGERS. As linguists, we need to be solidly rooted to manage our projects. WE HAVE TO PLAY OUR OWN DNA GAME.

IMG_4450A group of Spanish Translators from all over the world sharing a conference break. These gatherings are always an excellent opportunity to exchange trends & ideas.

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