Crafting Our Copywriting Techniques


Copywriting is one of the most critical elements of any and all forms of marketing and advertising. Copywriting consists of specially selected words used by language specialists to get people to take action after reading or hearing them.

Copywriting is like a call-to-action, but on a bigger scale: Copywriters try to get people to feel, think, or respond, or, ideally, to Google the slogan or brand to learn more about the campaign. Also, while a blog post like this one has the luxury of using hundreds of words, copywriters may only be able to express themselves with just a few words.

Some tips to take into account when working as a copywriter:

  • Reduce verb phrases: For instance, turn “The possibilities are suggestive of the fact that” to “The results suggest.”
  • Reduce wordy phrases to single words: You can change “in order to” into “to.” Another example: Turn “Due to the fact that” into “because.”
  • Avoid vague nouns: Phrases formed around general nouns like “in the area of” or “on the topic of” clutter sentences.

Anyway, short and sweet isn’t the only characteristic of good copywriting. Do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line. We can help you move forward!

At our office in Buenos Aires.



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