As global businesses grow and geographical boundaries shrink, there is an increasing demand for transcreation as part of localization programs.
Through transcreation, global brands can establish a marketing strategy for international distribution of good quality content and start to nurture new leads into future customers. Transcreation focuses on conveying the same emotions or message as the original text. Marketing specialists should hire transcreation services to recreate idioms that do not translate verbatim.
The idea of creativity in translation has generally been taken with some suspicion but creativity is an inevitable element of the translation process. Creative strategies may include processes of incorporation or elimination while conveying the essence of the source in the translated text.
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert  Einstein
The process of ‘transcreation’ or ‘recreation in translation’ should adapt to the specific targeted audience. Transcreation means ‘translating creatively’ the original text into a new language and making sure it is still appropriate in the context for which it is intended.
Linguists who provide transcreation services are often copywriters in the target language, apart from translators. To produce the most suitable transcreation, it is crucial to understand the desired outcome thoroughly and to have the freedom not only to translate the original but also to make significant changes to it in the process.

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