Why do You Need a Style Guide?

A Style Guide is a reference tool consisting of a set of rules about voice, style, sentence structure, and language usage, among others. It lets content communicators and translators know the preferred language elements for most effectively communicating with their target audience. 

Style Guides are very common in translation, journalism, and business communication. 

To ensure consistent communications and translations across all languages, a company can develop its own Brand Style Guide. Apart from the preferred language usage, this guide can include the brand story, voice, logo, imagery, typography, and color palette. It should also create and define the standards for internal and external corporate documents. It must serve as a reference source and training tool for anyone who reads or writes any kind of documentation. 

A Style Guide ensures high-quality and consistency within a document and between multiple documents. Moreover, a Style Guide saves time and money by providing quick answers to questions that may arise while translating or writing documentation and reduces the expense of repetitive training and costly mistakes.

Do you need a Brand Style Guide for your business?  We can create one for you!



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